Modern, quality shoe care.

The Shoe Shine Shack is a premium drop-off and quick shine shoe care service serving downtown Edmonton and surrounding area. 

If you’re looking to get a shoe clean or shine you came to the right place. Take a seat in one of our comfy shoe shine chairs, and enjoy a beverage of your choice while we make your shoes sparkle. Don't have time to wait? No problem! Drop your shoes off and we’ll notify you soon as they are done.

We offer free curb-side pickup to your vehicle, pickup and delivery service is available within Edmonton and mailing in and out is also an option for out of towners.

A wide variety of shoe accessories can also be found in store: shoelaces, flat, oval, no tie and business types, insoles, shoe trees, shoe horns, shoe care products, socks and more!

Have an event you’re looking to have a shoe shiner at? We have you covered. From small events to larger corporate gatherings we can accommodate what you need. We will work closely to ensure your event is one to remember and your guest leave smiling. Send us a message or give us a call today for more information.

Hours of operation: Monday - Saturday: 11am-6pm, closed Sunday.


About The Founder.

Owner and resident shoe care expert of The Shoe Shine Shack, Shane Breau has kept painstaking care of his shoes ever since he was old enough to tie his own laces. He is incredibly proud to be able to turn his lifelong passion into his career. After not being able to find a local business that he could drop his sneakers off for a thorough cleaning, Shane desided to start The Shoe Shine Shack from his condo located in Downtown Edmonton. After a few short months, it only made sense to jump on the opportunity available at Vacancy Hall and launch The Shoe Shine Shack store that is here now. 

Shane's background is in Civil Engineering Techology, most recently in Geotechnical Quality Assurance, ensuring the quality of building materials such as clays, gravels, and sands. This experience has given him a keen sense of quality assurance and control that is directly transfered into his Shoe Shine Shop.

Give him and his team a call of message today and they’ll be sure to take care of all your footwear detailing needs.